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The United States Virgin Islands can give you the dream vacation that you are looking for. Tennis, golf, horseback riding, biking, sportfishing, hiking and the usual plethora of watersport fun and adventures abound.

St. John's Cultural Heritage
In one of St. John's National Parks, take a 30-minute relaxing and educational walking tour of the Annaberg sugar mill plantation factory built in the 1700's. Discover the archeological site of a pre-Columbian Taino Indian village at Cinnamon Bay.

St. John, USVI

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St. John Beaches - United States Virgin Islands

Map of St. John, US Virgin Islands

St. John Island Guide: Virgin Islands National Park

The Virgin Islands National Park, world renowned for pristine beaches and lovely forested hillsides, covers a large portion of St. John and almost all of Hassel Island. Mother Nature blessed these islands with gorgeous beaches and green hillsides; through generous donations and legislative acts they remain pristine and largely undeveloped today.

The Virgin Islands National Park encompasses underwater areas that teem with marine life, gorgeous white sand beaches and acres of lush green forests. The land and sea are not the only treasures in the park, there are also historical treasures including Pre-Columbian Amerindian settlements, Danish colonial sugar plantation ruins, forts and a marine railway. The National Park on St. John is well developed and easily visited however Hassel Island does not have an adequate infrastructure in place at this time to support visitors.

A Little History
Trunk Bay, Virgin Islands National ParkIn 1956 Lawrence Rockefeller, through the non-profit organization Jackson Hole Inc., donated 5000 acres of land on St. John to the National Park Service. On August 2nd of the same year United States Congress passed legislation to establish the Virgin Islands National Park. The legislation stipulated that the Park’s holdings on St. John could not exceed 9,485 acres. St. John contains a total of 12,500 acres. In 1962 the boundaries of the Virgin Islands National Park were expanded to include 5,650 offshore areas consisting of submerged lands and waters and containing a significant amount of coral reefs, shorelines and marine life. In 1978 the Park again expanded to include Hassel Island, a small island located in St. Thomas' Charlotte Amalie Harbor. The park service today continues to protect the natural and historic treasures of Hassel Island and St. John.

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